What To Do After an Auto Accident

It’s important to know what actions to take immediately following a car accident. Most people don’t know the impact the steps they initially take regarding their case can have a lasting impact on the medical care and compensation they will receive.

We rely on the protection of our insurance policies and assume that they have our best interests at heart. The problem, however, is that insurance companies are interested in limiting your options and the money they would potentially spend to help you get better.

That’s why as an attorney who gives free advice on the radio, my firm also supports our mission to provide free legal advice on the phone – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Calling a qualified attorney is the first step to protecting your rights. At Bergener Mirejovsky, our personal injury attorneys are committed to arming you with the knowledge you need.

The information you get won’t cost you a dime. Call 1-800-881-2021 to learn how to protect your rights and interests after an auto accident — absolutely free of charge.

When To Hire An Attorney?

CarAccidentRadioLawyerMany people are hesitant to talk a lawyer after an auto accident. There’s a feeling that getting a lawyer for something so small makes you a bad person. However, if your car has sustained significant damage, or if you’re experiencing any pain, you need to understand your rights and the risks you take going it alone.

After an injury, there is no guarantee the other party’s insurance company will volunteer to pay for the entirety of your medical bills.

The best way to ensure your treatment will be taken care is by getting your injuries documented by a doctor and retaining an attorney licensed in California who is experienced at settling car accident claims.

At Bergener Mirejovsky, we are dedicated to helping accident victims understand the value of their claim and their options moving forward, even if we can’t take their case.

Making a Full Recovery

Recovering from a car accident can be expensive. Whether you need to see a chiropractor for soft tissue injuries or you spent a week in the hospital, you’re entitled to receive compensation for your medical expenses.

At Bergener Mirejovsky we have helped countless accident victims recover from these common injuries.

  • Whiplash (neck sprains)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Herniated or bulging disks
  • Internal Hemorrhaging
  • Fractured Vertebra 
  • Lacerations or Airbag Burns
  • Fractured Bones

Don’t let your injuries get worse. Call us today at 1-800-881-2021. Our skilled personal injury team will get you started on a treatment plan that works for you, with no out of pocket cost from you.

Recent Client Reviews

“I truly recommend Bergener Mirejovsky. I called the firm after I was in a car accident. During the same call they made a doctor’s appointment for me which was within a couple days. The doctor’s office was not far from where I live and they also led me to a chiropractor which was extremely close.”

“If you’re looking for great people to defend you, I wouldn’t recommend any other than Bergener Mirejovsky. I don’t get to say this too often but this firm truly cares for its clients. If I ever need help or anyone I  know needs help, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else EVER!”

“I am so glad I heard about Bergener Mirejovsky. They worked with my insurance company, my doctors and even my employer. They stayed in touch with me the entire time, got my medical bills covered and a very nice pain and suffering settlement.”

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