Dog Bite Accidents

Owners of dogs have a responsibility to care for their animal in a way that doesn’t put you in danger. When pet owners neglect this responsibility to train their pets, when they put their neighbors at risk through carelessness and negligence, they must be held accountable.

Dog bites -even those that don’t seem very serious – come with medical bills, a high risk of infection, scarring, and trauma. You shouldn’t have to pay for these damages out of your own pocket.

As personal injury lawyers experienced in dog bite claims, all of us at Bergener Mirejovsky work hard to hold the liable parties responsible for negligence. Speaking with an attorney can help you discover your full range of options for medical treatment and additional compensation.

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Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite

There are steps that should be made after you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog. Some of these actions are to protect your health and right to be compensated for your medical treatment. But even if you don’t want to do it for yourself, taking these steps helps the public at large too.

  • Call the police or your local animal control

This can be hard if you are an animal lover. But reporting the incident is important. Maybe the dog has a history of bites and the attacks are getting more frequent. It’s up to the animal control to make these judgements. Animals are rarely taken away from their owners unless there is a very good reason.

  • Get to a doctor, urgent care, or emergency room

Even dog bites that barely break the skin have the potential to become infected. It’s crucial to have your injuries evaluated by a doctor and properly disinfected. If you were just knocked over by the animal, they need to rule out a head injury. Your health is the priority.

  • Consult with an attorney

Most nearby personal injury lawyers offer free consultations. Take advantage of this to learn what your rights and choices are. Most law firms are happy to speak with you and provide the information you need to make your next move.

Following these steps can help preserve your right to compensation while you focus on your health.

A Dog Attack is Serious, No Matter What the Injury

An aggressive dog is a serious problem, regardless of the severity of your injury. Some people suffer bruising and scratches. Others, particularly children, may suffer permanent disfigurement. Some people aren’t even bitten, just injured when the dog knocks them to the ground.

Whatever your experience, certain steps should be taken. Not only to protect your rights, but also to prevent the dog from biting someone else. To review your options, call a local personal injury attorney.

A reputable dog bite lawyer will share their insights with you. If you choose to hire legal representation, a good law firm will handle to details of your case while you focus on your recovery.

Can A Dog Bite Lawyer Help Me?

CaliforniaRadioLawyerAfter being attacked and bitten by a dog, there are a lot of things that must be done. The most important is to make sure you get immediate medical attention.

Even if you are a dog lover, you still need to make sure that your injuries are taken care of. Dog and cat bites can be prone to severe infection. A medical professional will properly clean to wound and advise you on how to care for it at home.

Speaking to a personal injury lawyer after your dog bite accident can help you focus on recovering from your injuries. At Bergener Mirejovsky, our highly trained team will manage the ins and outs of your personal injury claim while you can focus on getting back to your life.

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